Victory is an attitude

“Keep believing in the people. Hold them accountable for the work you assigned . and you have to take responsibility from the start to see the end result.” — Stephen covey

When every party involved in the business or any system benefit from the system then it can be said as win- win situation for parties involved .

So in the broader terms , my beneficiary is at both the ends . I can’t take risks to disappoint any of the parties involved . I need to take care of the policies in the org that would be in interest of both the parties . there should be trust in mutual relationships that they trust me that whatever I am going to do will benefit them and vice versa . I need to assign tasks according to their capability and interest and hold them accountable for the task .and to be there when someone is performing their task to guide them ,to support them . by the time the trust will build up between you and parties involved .

How do I learned cooking ? since childhood, I have never been into cooking . during college , I knew few girls who actually knew cooking and I had tasted most of them it used to e tasty . one day a friend and I had a conversation on cooking and she was mocking on me for lacking this skill. I felt that I needed to learn cooking because I will not let anybody mock around me for whatever reason .also, I have observed that when one knows various skills then one becomes hotspot of the source of inspiration . most of the people then starts following and admiring that person. Honing oneself with skills also keep themselves ahead of most people around. I graduated from my college after a year and had started practicing cooking in my home . in between 6 months I learnt cooking. Initially,I used to observe my mother while she used to indulge herself in cooking . after a week or so I decided to get my hands dirty on cooking and I started practicing in front of her initially I lack to prepare food on time and many times food used to be less cooked and everyone inside my house refused to eat . but I kept on practicing it 2–3 times a week we had an agreement of one time food must be prepared by me on a daily basis . So she had held me accountable and practicable for what the work .now, it was mutual because I was learning new skill and she was also free for that time .i had learnt cooking in 6 months . at the initial times I was inconsistent sometimes but by the time a sense of responsibility came because of my investing time and energy into something .

Another example –how do I learned motorcycle? I am someone who don’t want to depend on anyone for my work. Since childhood this is in me . I had insisted my father to make me learn motorcycle because I didn’t want to depend on him for going market or visiting my friend’s house . I was in class 8 when I had asked him . and we used to go for practice to afield every morning .it took me 1 week to just learn . but my confidence came after 1 year . and now he was free and he didn’t had to go with me wherever I want . I used to visit my friend’s home by myself . I used to take this as a pride .again , I learnt a new skill and also my father was free .so mutual benefit .

Being present there when someone is learning is a critical factor .and holding them accountable for the task you have assigned and guiding them throughout their learning process is the important part .When mutual benefit is involved there we have a win- win situation to both parties .


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